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TOPIC: Hidden escort and NPC items in Mapmaker

Hidden escort and NPC items in Mapmaker 2 years 3 weeks ago #5708

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Some time ago I was screwing around with TSFP and found hidden characters, hidden gamemodes like "One on one", "Flame tag", "Regeneration", "Leech", "Escort" and today I decided to check if mapmaker has any interesting hidden things in it and I found:

- Escort VIP
- Escort Bodyguards
- Escort Assassins
- Time Crystal
- Coin
- Lunch Box
- Gentleman's Magazine
- Bag (KnockOut)

You can see these things in exact order:

Unfortunately I couldn't start an Escort match even if I placed the items and started right (hidden Escort) gamemode.
None of these objects appear in playmode (at least in deathmatch and story gamemode type)

What do you guys think?
I've once seen in a magazine some early development screens of TSFP with Mapmaker's escort markers on them and couldn't find anything about escort in TSFP on the internet.
Did anyone see that before?

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Hidden escort and NPC items in Mapmaker 2 years 3 weeks ago #5710

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Wow, that's really weird! Especially since those gamemodes don't exist in the actual game itself..
Here's something I found on the TimeSplitters wiki in regards to the Escort gammode:

"(TimeSplitters FP) was originally slated to include the Escort game-mode. Early screenshots show placeable Escort entities in Mapmaker. The gamemode still exists in the game and can be selected with cheats however no maps support it. Entities for it (Starts for the assassins, VIP and defenders) can still be placed in Mapmaker through cheats however it is not possible to place checkpoints for the VIP to travel to so the game-mode is unplayable."

It's also strange they left the name Flame Tag in the game, when it went on to be renamed Virus..

What doesn't make sense to me is why the devs put unused game-modes into the mapmaker like Regeneration, Leech (and "Flame Tag") which were seen in the previous game, TimeSplitters 2. Were they planning on implementing those game-modes but later cut them before releasing the game, and these files were accidentally left behind? I dunno, but it sure is cool to find these sorta things in a console game.

(also I started typing this last night but I guess fell asleep on my desk prolly cause I had pulled an all-nighter the previous night so, sorry about that)
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