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TOPIC: Favourite story/experience with Timesplitters?

Favourite story/experience with Timesplitters? 3 years 2 months ago #5429

Warning: This is one long post.
From this post, I wish to hear any experiences with the Timesplitters series that you've never been able to forget. I'll start:

I remember being stuck on NeoTokyo for about 8 years, and coming back to it, I got spotted quite a few times before I was able to nail the tailing and complete the mission...Then I got to Atom Smasher. I couldn't beat it on Normal my 1st time, so I beat it on Easy, and ran through again on Normal...I died about 3 times, thanks to Khallos and those bloody splitters...On my 4th attempt, I reached Khallos with about 1/4 of my health left and a full body armour. I get Khallos to come running at me and I kill him with headshots, getting up close with my S47 and manually aiming at his temple. Immediately, I snap to the Scourge Spitters, as I had memorsied their spawns. Spraying at their heads, I made a mad dash for the reactor switches, taking shot after shot. Now, I was only on a slither of health and the last lever was activated. Crystal in hand, I switch to Auto-Aim, shooting grenade after grenade at my attackers in a frantic bid to enter the portal.Eventually, I made it, the text reading 'Success' illuminated the screen with its holy light. I lept to my feet, thrusting my fists into the air. And I had only just noticed tears forming in my eyes... Tears of joy...

It's stories like that what make the TS series one of my faves: How the game doesn't hold your hand and forces you to improve I'm order to beat whatever challenge you face...Those tales of self-improvement and victory against all odds are way more memorable that anything the FPS genre has today in terms of storytelling.

Over to you....
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Favourite story/experience with Timesplitters? 3 years 2 months ago #5439

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me and my siblings always played together so that was fun but as for specific memories me and my brother always just messed around and found easter eggs and glitches and stuff
i do remember the first time we saw a changeling in Notre Dame and my brother was so confused
Notre dame will always be my favourite level because the level design,characters and music and overall atmosphere was unlike any other i had played because i was so young the first time i played it and it just stuck with me to this day

theres a few things we used to do in arcade like we would play elimination with one life and set it to only fire extinguishers and one shot kill so as soon as an enemy runs out they punch someone and that person is out and we would just watch them go at it (usually in chasm)
i also would do elimination with one shot kill in venice and stand by the side of the river (the part where theres a few steps down ) and stand at the water edge with only a baseball bat and kill any enemy who appears and hopefully hit them before they hit me (theres no guns so they have to )
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