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TOPIC: TimeSplitters: Story Classic (Fan-Game)

TimeSplitters: Story Classic (Fan-Game) 3 years 11 months ago #5178

TimeSplitters: Story Classic (SC) is a Top-Down shooter fanmade game. The game will feature a handful of weaponry, characters, challenges, and a limited Arcade mode. I've started on a TDS engine before using Game Maker Studio but stopped working on it. I have now decided in breaking down this engine and taking its best features into a new fixed engine which will be created using Game Maker Studio for TimeSplitters SC.


TSSC will feature some classic levels and new story levels. The story will be similar to TS1's style (I simply ADORE the idea of speed running and gunning). Below are some features that'll be featured for sure! (Unlike other TS games, due to being the only artist, only single handed assault-rifle type weapons will be available. This means no pistols, or duals. This may change in the future.)

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Some stuff is difficult to include due to lack of advanced programming knowledge but may be implemented in the future. What I'm currently planning to add are listed below:

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

Currently Working On....

My focus right now is setting up the AI for Story mode then later work on the AI to act differently in Arcade games. If I get the AI to work properly for Arcade, I'm telling you, everything else will be a piece of cake and I'll add tons of new characters and challenges in future updates after the game is released. For right now I must work on the AI. Yeah Rewind seems to be reaching the light a bit quick and this game may be left in the dust, I just want to share my creation and allowing my TimeSplitters lovers to enjoy a game I feel is like TS1.

I will be including screenshots of updates and such. Please, if you have a character request, read this POST and comment which character you'd like for me to include in TSSC.
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