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TOPIC: Characters we wished were in TS: Future Perfect

Characters we wished were in TS: Future Perfect 2 years 11 months ago #5503

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I think what was missing the most were the various alien species from TS1 and TS2 (including splitters). when you made story maps invoving aliens, you had the choice between koozer mox or berserker splitter (unless you settled for something goofy like calamari) and that got old quick. at the minimum, giving us the 3 mox races would have been super easy, and useful for many different scenarii.
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Characters we wished were in TS: Future Perfect 2 years 6 months ago #5603

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Now, there are plenty of characters that I'd love to see. I will even take my time to list them all. At least the ones that I wish were in FS.

From TimeSplitters 1;

- Cultist; I don't understand why none of them returned for TS2, and only Theeth Mummy for TSFP. Cultist had some cool looking features with him.
- Police Zombie; I really thought it was a cool Zombie, and it would have been fun to see return. The first Zombie challenge in TS2 with Sewer Zombies would have benefited imaginatively with more zombies, like PZombie.
Chinese Waiter; Seriously ... WHY ONLY THE CHEF? The stage returned, always, why not the waiter? He was cool.
Overall Mutant; Don't know why, but always liked the design.
- Red Alien; Was a cool looking design. I like him more than Mr. Brocoli for some reason.
- Female Alien; Very generic name, but decent design I'd like to see return.
- Female Cyborg; Freaking loved that design, one of my favourite characters from TS1.
- Impersonator; The King Baby.
- Insect Mutant; He was in TS2 as well, but would be great in TSFP.
- Peekaboo Jones; He just looks hilarious.
- Mary Beth; Her sister appeared both in TS2 and TSFP, would be cool to see both in the third.
- Dr. Seth Graven; Think he was cool.
- Dr. Katje Nadir; Another cool character, would love to see both her and her daughter in TSFP.
- Hick Hyde; He was funny.
- Spaceways Anna; Candi got nothing on her.

Think that's all from TS1 I've wished to see in TSFP.

From TimeSplitters 2;

- Ilsa Nadir; Loved her design.
- Hank Nova; Think he would be a welcoming addition?
- Jake Fenton; I like him better than Fingers from TS1.
- Big Tony; We need at least one Mafia leader ft. Louie Bignoese, Slick Tommy and Jimmy Needless.
- Sadako; All of her gangmembers and her should have returned.
- Machinist; Really would love this character in TSFP.
- Repear Splitter; My favourite TimeSplitter by far.
- Hector Babosso; Nostalgi of TS2, that's it. Loved killing this dude.
- ONE of each Military characters, not 5 of each like in TS2.
- Gargoyle; Underrated character.
- Hatchet Sal & Marco the Snitch, they are a duo. Together with Handyman.
- Wood Golem; Makes no sense he was the only one gone from the Aztec theme.
- Jebediah Crump; I find him hilarious, and would be fitting with the cast of Zeplin.
- Scourge Splitters; He was cool.

That's a hefty list, but only on the characters.
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Characters we wished were in TS: Future Perfect 2 years 5 months ago #5611

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I wish Reaper Splitters were in Future Perfect :/
daffy ain't got shit on me
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