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TOPIC: What exactly ARE Timesplitters?

What exactly ARE Timesplitters? 5 years 5 months ago #4296

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Hello, I am a person who likes to ask questions. Or rather.. Theorize. I'm gonna go ahead and say SPOILERS ahead, but I'm sure most people reading this have played the games, or at least 2 and FP.

I'd like to open this topic to put forth and listen to some theory's about what EXACTLY timesplitters are. Because although you can say they're all made by Crow all you want, I think there is more to it! Let's start with this shall we?

In Future Perfect, we are only fighting the Berserker Splitter, right? And let's be honest. This is DEFINITELY a mutated human being. And it's shown easily from the human fingers protruding off its arms, etc. But here is the thing. We are never actually revealed as to WHAT Crow uses to start this research. I mean, in 1994 he is researching Eternal life, and like Frankenstein or something, corpses he tries to raise (im guessing) zombify and even ghostify them (yes those are words). But they don't seem anything like Splitters, right? They're all just zombies.. I mean they can conduct electricity quite well it seems, but besides that. Nothing to see here right?

In Timesplitter's 2, we are actually introduced to 2, (not 3, Drone is not a splitter.) very different species. One that bears resemblance to the Berzerker Splitter, but much more agile and assassin-like, and the other with a flaming chest cavity and floating head.

In the original, we are actually given what seems to be a timesplitter, and its prototype (it seems) equivalent. By this I mean Timesplitter 2 actually metamorphs into Timesplitter 1. Though this should be fact checked.

Here is the pattern I'm getting at here.

Timesplitter 2 -> Timesplitter 1
Hybrid Mutant -> Reaper Splitter
The Freak -> Bezerker Splitter

get it now? But wait.. one is missing. Scourge Splitter... What exactly are they, because they don't seem mutated at all. They seem humanoid but that's besides the point. Mox looks humanoid.

And i think most of the controversy is actually in Timesplitters 2. In FP it says that the crystals are only found on an island, and Crow builds the first and only Time Machine, until 2401 when humanity builds one powered by the crystals.. but wait. You literally go on a Space Station with its own Time Machine and Crystals? But.. Crow had the crystals.. How did they get them? Not only that, if there was a perfectly good Time Machine laying there, why didn't humanity just send a large platoon of soldiers to hold it while they go back in time to fight the Splitters.

Here's what I'm getting at in this whole theory. Siberia 1990.

A Splitter that was frozen in ice is found and experimented on? Seem strange. It should... because When that DNA is experimented with humans, they are zombified, and if enough DNA is inserted, they become Mutated. Sound familiar? Only four years later, Crow creates zombies. Considering it's Crow.. could it be possible he was one of the scientists at Oblask Dam before it was taken over by Military? Does this mean that possibly the Splitter's from TS2 are actually the ORIGINAL alien timesplitters, and that the others are just mutants with Splitter DNA? Hell, even Reaper's could be mutants and Scourge Splitters be the alien species.

But I'm done typing for now. What do you guys think about them?
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What exactly ARE Timesplitters? 5 years 5 months ago #4297

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You bring up a lot of excellent points. Some of your points seem so spot-on that they could be more than just theories, especially with the "evolution" of the Timesplitters. I think what most long-time fans of the series have accepted is that the games are only loosely connected to one another, although there is a rather loose link between TS2 and TS: FP. If you recall from the first game, it is explicitly said that the Timesplitters are an evil race dwelling outside of space and time, which is quite contrary to what TS2 and especially TS: FP established as a baseline story for the existence of these creatures (they were created through unethical and immoral genetic experimentation). I think what may have happened is that Free Radical decided to scrap or retcon the origin of the Timesplitters according to TS1's lore when developing the story for FP. As for TS2, it was never explicitly stated where the Timesplitters came from or how they came to be, so the Splitters in this game are far more mysterious (not that they aren't mysterious in the other games).

Since there was possibly a major retcon between TS1 and TS: FP, several elements of the story just don't add up or logically connect. It is also possible that TS1's lore is still valid and that the Timesplitters became a race of their own that crossed over into another dimension after Crow created them. However, it must be noted that TS1 is lacking a lot of story elements from the other games, as Time Crystals are nowhere to be found and not even time machines appear to exist yet. All of the Story levels in TS1 happen in their own respective periods, with no time traveling or body-hopping happening like in TS2 with Sgt. Cortez.

As frustrating as it may be, we just have to suspend our disbelief and try not to make too much sense of a series that has a story that jumps all over the place. This seems to happen with most stories that involve time travel, as the distinction between events that influence the past, present, and future become more difficult to determine. Lastly, I'll offer a theory of my own: I think it is very likely that the TS1 timeline is entirely separate from TS2 and TS: FP, since the Timesplitters were NOT created by anyone and already dwell outside of time and space, probably in another dimension. This means that TS1 is its own continuity while TS2 loosely connects with TS: FP, creating another continuity. To simplify this, think of what happens in comics, namely Batman and Spider-Man, when the main story is rebooted or revamped so that other events can take place and set up different plot lines.

I hope what I said here at least makes a little sense!
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What exactly ARE Timesplitters? 5 years 5 months ago #4326

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The timesplitters are indeed differents in each installments,but as far as our knowledge go the timesplitters in the first game and 2nd one are either byproducts or evolved versions of Crows timesplitters or either entities of a different origin.

It is clearly stated in TS1 that the splitters came from another dimension,while the splitters in TS3 are indeed created by Crows with mutation experiments,as for the splitters in the 2nd one they might be different from the ones in TS1 but i also feel that they are also different from the ones in TS3.

If i would go with my theory on the subject,the splitters in TS1 are entities coming from another dimension,they show up in different keys moment in time to stop specific peoples,for what reasons are they doing this,we dont know but they do seem to have a very specific agenda.

By trying to manipulate time they tried to achieve certain goals,of course things didnt happened exactly like what they planned,but it did have an impact on the timeline thus changing it wich probably made the TS2 timeline,the reaper splitters and drone splitters are a bit more aliens in design but could probably be affiliated with the berserker splitters created by Crow,but the scourge splitters on the other end there is no way that Crow made them heck they might not be aliens either,they look more like dimensional beings wich there are more chance that they are affiliated with the splitters from the first game,so i think the developpers still have the TS1 origin in mind when they made TS2 and havent tought about Crow splitters yet or they could be splitters having a origin of their own separate from the ones from both TS1 and TS3.

Of course like in TS1,the splitters in TS2 infest a space station and use a time travel machine to change and affect history again,but with the intervention of Cortez,yet again things didnt happened exactly like they planned,but because of TS2 events the timeline changed again,wich explain Cortez appearance (the goggles replaced with cyber eyes and the clothes being a bit different) and the other changed things.

Have you guys watched Terminator Genisys yet,seem like certains plot elements in the movie are similar to what im talking about.

Also this theory of mine is also mentioned in my topic about the 2 Crows and the differences in the 3 games timelines www.tsrewind.com/index.php/en/forum/time...happened-to-old-crow
check it out if you want,i also posted the topic on Timesplitters Portal and some of the guys there have some interesting ideas on the subject too.
The Timesplitters series is quite unique and i have yet to see a game like it,a game in where you can play and use characters and weapons from different eras,fighting in different locations trough time,a map editor wich was quite good and a customization of the gameplay itself.I have all 3 games.
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What exactly ARE Timesplitters? 3 years 1 month ago #5452

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I still believe that what i said above is a possibility,i know we should not put too much toughts on this but i cant stop myself in trying to connect the dots between the games.
The Timesplitters series is quite unique and i have yet to see a game like it,a game in where you can play and use characters and weapons from different eras,fighting in different locations trough time,a map editor wich was quite good and a customization of the gameplay itself.I have all 3 games.
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