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TOPIC: What games do you find nostalgic?

What games do you find nostalgic? 5 years 2 months ago #4588

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And why? Besides Timesplitters of course. I'll start with my list.

Halo 3. Halo is dead now. I was disappointed with Halo Reach when it came out and when Halo 4 came I completely lost hope and trust in the franchise. Halo 3 is a different story for me though. I played it when I was like 12, and I played the shit out of it. Multiplayer was a new thing for me back then, and I have so many fond memories of playing silly custom games like infection, and playing competitively online, custom or matchmaking. The online community of Halo 3 was surprisingly well mannered and mature (if you think im joking, compare it to the communities of Call of Duty and League of Legends) So the big nostalgia factor for this game, is it is one of the first games I played online. I have played the first two Halo's but they didn't have as much of an impact on me.

Turok 2. This is my favorite N64 game, a true classic. It's hard to describe, but the look, feel, and story of this game is very representative of N64; at least the games I played on it. It even has classic cheats like Big Heads, and even one that makes all the textures rainbow in color. Me and my brothers took turns trying to beat it after each death. Just stay away from Turok Rage Wars...

Marble Blast Ultra. One of my all time favorite games for a variety of hard to explain reasons...It's one of the few games I can play at a pro level, and I never get bored playing it. It's an overall solid, different kind of platformer with an online (dead) leaderboard system. Sadly this game gets so much disrespect from Microsoft, and is no longer available. Microsoft also disrespects the fans of this game, because unlike other games that are removed from the marketplace of xbox 360, you can't license transfer this game's data to a new 360 to play it...Just another of the many reasons I'm never getting a Microsoft console again. There is a PC version of this game, and as a die hard fan I have to have it (since my old 360 broke, I can't play the real version anymore), but it is very buggy sadly...

That's all I'll put for now. When I think of more games I'll add them. I'm hoping to learn about older games I may have missed out on from you guys ^^
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