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TOPIC: TimeSplitters Rewind FAQ

TimeSplitters Rewind FAQ 6 years 6 months ago #2470

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Q: What is TimeSplitters Rewind?
A: TimeSplitters Rewind is a standalone multiplayer game currently being developed by fans with help from Crytek. It is being built using CryEngine and will feature the best of the multiplayer from all the TimeSplitters games, remade in glorious HD.

Q: What platform will TimeSplitters Rewind be available on?
A: There will be a release on PC (no Mac support currently, maybe later if all goes well). Development is currently underway on PS4, but that requires Crytek's go ahead for a release. Release on other platforms is currently being investigated.

Q: Will it have Map-maker?
A: All the tools the developers use to make the game will be available for players, so there will be Sandbox-type Map-maker. The dev team are also aiming to include a 'tile'-based mapmaker, similar to that in the original games.

Q: Is this multiplayer focused or will there be single player?
A: As of right now we are focusing entirely on mutliplayer and the various challenges.

Q: Is the multiplayer online?
A: Yes

Q: How will the online work, presumably you don’t have the resources for dedicated servers?
A: Dedicated server tools will be available for fans at some point in development. This is after the demo and definitely before the official release. We hope to have them ready before the demo.

Q: Are you using assets from the original games or are you creating new ones from the ground up?
A: TimeSplitters Rewind is not a remake, reboot or a sequel. We are using the originals games as reference but recreating everything from the ground up. High poly and high resolution textures!

Q: Will there be bots?
A: Yep. Bots will be a choice for player admins (LAN/Solo) and server admins (dedicated servers). We are working hard to provide all the flexibility we possibly can.

Q: Will Mods / Custom Content be possible?
A: Yes, one of the things we are definitely working on is making sure that everyone has complete control over how they experience the game.

Q: When can I play it?
A: There is no release date yet, when we are ready to give a date we will let everyone know.

Q: Will it be on Steam?
A: Errrmm, hopefully, can't say at this stage. There is a Steam Community you can join though.

Q: How much will Rewind cost?
A: It will be free as stipulated by Crytek.

Q: Will there be controller support for PC?
A: We plan on including controller support. Of course, we would want to go through extensive play testing so that we wouldn't feel like anything was tacked on or 'consolized'.

Q: Will there be splitscreen?
A: CryEngine does not currently support splitscreen, however if it is added by Crytek it will be added into the game.

Q: Will my favourite character be in the game?
A: The plan is to have all the characters and their variations in the game at some point. This will be achieved with regular game updates to add the characters when they get made.

Q: What are the specs?
A: Specs are not available yet, but the game will be as scalable as possible to allow for as many different PC specs as possible.

Q: Will there be new game modes/characters/maps/weapons added?
A: Possibly, but only after the original TimeSplitters features have been added.

Q: What’s the max player count?
A: TS:R will feature online play with 8-16 players and although that may change during development, the team hope to increase the player count further for larger maps.

Q: Will there be hit scan or ballistic physics for the weapons?
A: The original TimeSplitters games utilized a mixture of both. Our goal is to do the same.

Q: How involved with the project are Crytek? Do you plan to talk to them about console releases or a kickstarter project to bring TimeSplitters Rewind to consoles?
A: We collaborate with Crytek as often as possible. We’re both very busy working on our respective projects. Crytek for example is working on Homefront . As for a console release – we shall see later on in development. We can’t guarantee anything but maybe, just maybe we will see a console release.

Q: Are any of the original TimeSplitters staff involved at all? Have you contacted the original voice actors for help with the project?
A: Some are, but as for the voice actors – that’s something that we are going to discuss with Crytek later on in development.

Q: Can I donate money to this? Kickstarter?
A: There isn't a Kickstarter due to legal reasons, but you can donate money towards server costs here.

Q: So when the demo is out, will this be a beta test or more of a ‘1 level and few characters to play with’? If this isn’t a beta, will there be one? Who will have access to it?
A: The demo will be more or less a beta. We plan to release patches to fix glitches/bugs/exploits/performance issues and Content Updates to add maps and characters. It’s too early to say who will have access, but it’s something we’ll share when we get there.

Q: Where can I help out?
A: Pop an email to jobs @ tsrewind.com with details on your skills and we shall point you in the right direction. The jobs page on this website will show what current vacancies we have.

Q: How are you managing the resources now?
A: Every member of the team is required to put in a minimum of 5 hours per week, but most of us work on it at least 10 – 15 hours a week. It’s just 5 hours is our minimum so we don’t slow down to a crawl.
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