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TOPIC: Website design and PR

Website design and PR 6 years 8 months ago #2207

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Hello dear TS rewind team,

I have been a follower of this project since its birth and I must say I respect each and every one of you for sacrificing your spare time to do this. But I must also bring forth some criticism regarding how this project is handled because I think overall such criticism can be beneficial.

Let's be honest here, the hype generated by TS rewind is meager to say the least. I base this assumption on the amount of feedback this site as well as the FB page have generated, which is not very much, especially considering how many people got mobilized by the innitial "100k strong for TS4" idea. The hype didn't carry over. I think there is a lot of potential that is lost here because I am certain that many more people would be interested in this project. If they knew about it at least.

And here we come to the core of my criticism: The PR for this project hasn't really been all that great. Considering how young this is and how little there is to show, I certainly do not blame you. But I still think that with just a little bit of effort, you could gain a lot of new followers.

Let's start with the presentation: I am sure unless people link their friends the website directly, the first time people will encounter the TS rewind project is on facebook. And what they see is a rather half-assed page that shows a bit of disorganized information bits and also hasn't been updated in weeks. In fact, updates have become a rare sight and it gives the impression that there is really not much going on. I think one improvement to make would be just more updates, if possible on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be every day but once a week would be nice. Maybe in form of a developers blog that talks about all the stuff that has been created. You could also get away with once a month as long as it's regular and follows an organized template.

Then there is the design of the website. It looks like a minor point and in the grand scheme it is, but if you are a regular internet user and you find a site that just uses a cheap, out-of-the-box wordpress skin with a plain color background, then this suggests to you, subconsciously, that the project isn't really all that serious. Having a functional webpage is one thing, and it's a good thing. But I think a nice design would make a way better first impression, and those are the ones that stick.

Also, I don't think that really many people know about this project and you cannot blame them. Unless you happened to look at your facebook feed at the time this site was created and you had announcements of the 100k for TS4 project appearing in your news feed, I think the chances to randomly stumble upon this project are very slim. There is very little exposure for this project which is sad. With regular updates, you could try to push them on social media sites like reddit and with time more people would notice them.

I would like to give you an example of a project that started just like this one. A team of rogue developers working in their free time on a video game. Unlike you, they started completely from scratch and didn't have a famous IP name to work with. Still, they managed to gain quite a bit of fame for their work. I'm talking about Katawa Shoujo. The project started on 4chan and was mainly carried by its userbase. The devs stayed in contact with the fans over all the years of development and thus kept the hype levels up. The user base in turn was responsible for spreading the message about the game. I am not suggesting to use that site in particular to help you gain more followers for this, but it's just one of the many alternatives.

I don't know if you really care about all of this at this point or even made plans to make changes once you got more content to show off or whatever, but I still wanted to express my opinion on this.

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Website design and PR 6 years 8 months ago #2209

  • ASneakyGranny
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Well said mate, spread it to a wider audience and they'll no doubt earn more fans. Couldn't agree more about the website and the Facebook page clearly needs to be updated on a regular basis.
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Website design and PR 6 years 8 months ago #2210

  • warezIbanez
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I'm speaking in general here...

In most projects (I'm hoping people have had some,) stuff in the development stage is too early to show off. Sometimes this is why news about games in development should not be announced as they're in concept phase AND given a release date. (I'm looking at YOU, Star Wars Battlefront by DICE!)

I'll be excited to see what has been going on with Training Ground and Ice Station. It would be neat to see those bases decked out in detail!
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Website design and PR 6 years 8 months ago #2213

  • Bloodcyka
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While I agree with you in general, I think in a case like this where the community is involved more in the actual process of creating the game, you would want to reach out to people in an earlier stage as long as it has already been decided that the project is gonna get completed no matter what. Considering that TS rewind is the result of a grass roots movement and community collaboration is something heavily sought after, you would want to gain publicity for this project as soon as possible.

As an example I will show you the newest effort to create a new Unreal Tournament game. It was announced pretty much the moment it came to life because the devs want to develop it together with the community. I think the parallels between this project and TS rewind are stunning.
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Website design and PR 6 years 8 months ago #2237

  • Griff
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I mostly agree.

Perhaps when the gameplay video's released, more fans will know about TS Rewind's existence. Since the beginning, I've been promoting the Facebook group as well as the TS HD Collection petition, but sadly it didn't help much because of YouTube's so called "improved" system and Google+ integration. If we can share this upcoming gameplay video as much as we can, we may just get more followers. I'll be doing my part to help as well.

As for the website design, it may look cheap, but it gets the job done. To be honest, I would have applied for the web design job here, but I only know HTML4 & 5, CSS3, JavaScript and Flash. I have no experience at all with Kunena and Joomla which are packages this website uses. Again, perhaps if we have more fans on this site, someone will be able to take that job (if it hasn't been taken already).
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Website design and PR 6 years 7 months ago #2268

  • DanL249
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In case you haven't seen it yet, this is a statement pulled from our Facebook page:
"Just a quick update to say we're still alive. We're continuing to make progress and pushing every closer to our next big reveal, the gameplay trailer.

We apologise for not giving more frequent updates, but we hope by focusing on showing off a fully functioning (though early) version of the game, we can catch the attention of a much bigger audience.

It is our top priority to make sure as many people hear about TimeSplitters Rewind (and TimeSplitters in general) as possible. We'll shout about Rewind as loud as we can, but first we need to present something substantial so people new to Rewind take us seriously.

We value the support and patience of each and every one of you, as always we're happy to answer questions about the project."

We feel we're too early in development to start hyping the project up, especially when it could be months before we're ready to show anything. We don't want to be a small project shouting at everyone for attention, when we've got nothing substantial to prove ourselves yet. We hope this will change when we show our gameplay video, which is our main focus. In short, we're being quiet at the moment because we're waiting for the opportune moment to make our presence known. Publicity is great, but we need a reason for people to follow what we're doing, and that reason is coming.

When it comes to the appearance of the website, it's all a work in progress and we welcome feedback to improve it.
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