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TS Rewind Update (2016-08-24) - The Gun Range


Greetings everyone, it has been a few weeks since we have updated the community, so we felt it was time for "a peek behind the curtain.” In the span between this post and last, the team has overcome some considerably sizeable challenges, tackling content and organization needs. The team is far from finished with either, but we remain committed to delivering a new TimeSplitters iteration that will satisfy this community, and will obviously continue to tackle both.

Starting off, one of our programmers has been eager to share some progress on their side of the project. So behold, he brings you a video in some of the weapons work he is responsible for. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress, and we plan to share these and other weapons and features in a more complete showing in the near future.

Also, you may have noticed quite a few characters in the video. Most of those you see here were recreated by Alfred Turner, one in which was selected by community- a “unique” character, in which he picked Snowman. We also share a few more new (remade) faces as well in Brown Zombie, Fingers Mackenzie, Overall Mutant, Priest Mutant, and Time Assassin in addition to some of the other characters previously revealed. There are still some surprises left- we will wait for a proper time to share their identities and details lovingly recreated by our character artists.

On the level and environment side of things, Sean, I and others are still chipping away at our to-do lists. Sean has run into a bit of a snag on Disco, but I am quite confident we will have it resolved in due time. Progress on Bunker continues with Runner and I recreating those environment pieces for the mostly-neglected military installation. As for what is on the level, Sean and I will be focusing on Compound and Warzone to get things prepared for the gameplay trailer; Streets will also receive further polishing if we have time to spare.

Lastly, there is a bug on our website that is preventing people from creating an account on it. We will be fixing that soon, and will keep you updated when that happens.

TS Rewind Update (2016-07-14) - What's up with your arms?!

Well the past few weeks have passed by us without an update, let us remedy that.

The level creation side of things has mainly been seeing polish work- Sean and I have been putting in plenty of work making Streets and Castle run even better in-engine, not to mention beautifying the particle effects, lighting, and other details. With that said, Runner and I have made a bit more progress on Bunker despite the limited hours to work on it, and Sean has put in a serious amount of work into Disco over the past week.

As for characters, character artist Alfred has been working with animator / programmer Alex on setting up a separate skeleton for the female characters, not to mention a third skeleton for robots.

What's next for us? Well, the coding team completed an engine update and are now focusing on the gameplay essentials like pickups and powerups; hopefully after levels, weapons, and other assets are polished, we'll be sharing some gameplay.

TS Rewind Update (2016-06-12) - Long Heatseeker?!

This past week has seen significant strides in progress for the team. It had culminated in a group meeting where we had put a lot of our work together into the latest build of the game and had searched for issues to fix. There were a few assets that had to be left out of the build for the time being, but should be available for internal playtesting within the next couple weeks.

Progress on art assets remains steady. Sean had performed polishing work on Compound and Castle, and the screenshots provided show a glimpse of said work. Alfred has also been picking up some of the animation work to help move things along on the character and weapon side of things. Bianca had also mentioned that she would really want to power through the Machine Wars robots from TimeSplitters Future Perfect, though I would imagine requests for certain robots could be taken into consideration. As for myself, I have been trimming down the list of geometry needed to be recreated on Bunker and Planet X; in addition, I am beginning polish work on Streets, a contribution to the weapons in the form of the double barrel shotgun, and something else to share down the road.

We also had a handful of community members apply for environment art positions on the team over the past couple weeks, and we have interviewed each and are testing their skillset; seeing their previous work, we are quite confident in their abilities and are looking forward to their results.

Lastly, freelance writer and community member Robert Zak had contacted us about conducting an interview to write a piece for Rock Paper Shotgun on what we have been up to. It's probably not breaking news for the community here, but we do hope that this article and our progress is a catalyst for the eventual tide of information that will be coming with the gameplay trailer. Here is the link for said article: