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Timesplitters: Rewind Developer Update (29th August 2017)

So the team here at Cinder Arts is looking to grow our team by a sizeable amount, this means there are a lot of job openings, we are willing to consider everyone hence why we haven’t provided requirements, although you will be expected to perform a test of your ability.

To apply all you have to do is fill in the following form:


Good luck and we look forward to having you on the team!

Since our last post we’ve had a lot of responses with a lot of things to consider. Firstly, we’d like to clear up some statements made that unfairly criticised the engine used. We made reference to the amount of time taken to achieve certain milestones within CRYENGINE, compared to other game engines. While this seemed to reflect the usability of CRYENGINE, it actually represents the skill area of the team and where we are not as conversant, compared to other engines. With this in mind we are still looking for individuals with professional experience in CRYENGINE or C++ in order to fill this skills gap.


In addition, it is important to consider that as this is a small fan project (with big scope), replying on part time input from members across the world means we can’t respond to large engine updates/changes as quickly as we’d like. This reason, combined with the many others associated with the nature of a fan project like this, means TimeSplitters: Rewind will not fall into the usual development cycle expected of a game this size.

Currently we are in talks with Crytek in an effort to iron out some of the roadblocks we’ve been hitting, we have every faith that these discussions will be positive and help us achieve the goal of remaking TimeSplitters in CRYENGINE. For this reason, we are postponing the poll vote to a more appropriate time so we can, in good faith, explain the state of Rewind and how we progress. We are aware of the unique opportunity to work with such a beloved IP, so will not take any decision lightly.