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TS Rewind Update (2015-08-04)

Good afternoon / evening everyone, I am compelled to share a couple things with the community today.

First off, we do not have any new media to share today. But before you start putting Fingers on triggers (and subsequently pointing guns at my head,) I want to assure you that we are not working any less diligently. In fact, Alfred is close to showing off not just a character, but a weapon he redesigned himself. I have to say that both are particularly impressive in separate ways. Hopefully it will not be too long before we can show those off.

Momotaro has also been making a lot of progress on Aztec. Considering he is primarily a 2D Artist, he is pretty damn talented in creating environments, and I am certainly hoping to share some screenshots soon. Alliteration(s) aside, I think the community will be in for a treat once further progress is made on the particle effects. 

As for Streets, I am continuing to create more props to liven things up. Currently, I am working on the buildings on one end of the map known as Red base. I should keep it at that for now, but hey, be ready to grab some popcorn once I am ready to share more.

Also, Damian wanted to impart the community with this image. Interpret it as you will:


Last but not least, I will be heading to PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington. I should be there all four days - from the 28th to the 31st of this month. I am looking forward to previewing games to be released this and next year - one game in particular is Homefront: The Revolution, built by the lovely people at DS Dambusters, formerly known as Crytek UK, formerly known as Free Radical Design.

Homefront: The Revolution "Thank You" Trailer

Anyway, if anyone in the community happens to be at the convention as well... it will probably be tough to spot me, considering how I will not be involved in any panel or exhibit, let alone have I given any personal information out. Well, if you overhear someone talking about TimeSplitters, do ask the person if they are Ibanez; if it is me, I would properly introduce myself, otherwise I suppose you will be faced with an awkward conversation. Oh well, I would really look forward to meeting anyone out there, and hopefully the team will have a chance at actually exhibiting the game one day.

TS Rewind Update (2015-07-23) - Streets Resurfaces

Streets center

Streets Red corner

So this has been overdue (but as many game development stories go, you wish you had just a little more time to polish things,) so it's time to show more of Streets. I am probably rushing these screenshots, as there are a couple things that certainly will be refined in the very near future (while I also continue building more props.) Damian also gave some crucial assistance with the brick work yesterday and today. There's still more work to do in the blue and red bases, the indoor sections, not to mention the 'out of bounds' section to give that impression that the area is in the middle of a fairly busy city. Next time you see this map, you should see an obvious Easter Egg, and I seriously cannot wait to show that off once I finish that up.
Okay, back to Damian: yesterday, he informed the team that he has to step away for a while due to financial difficulties. That said, I would like to take this time to ask if anyone can help out. Please contribute here:
Damian's Patreon:
Damian's PayPal:…
As for the rest of the team, Momotaro, one of our 2D artists and main man taking on Aztec, approached me on how we want to tackle a certain map I have already blocked out some time ago. (We'll probably tackle props by claiming separate sections and filling each out one by one.) Alex, one of our animators and programmers, made some tremendous progress with the animations that were based from TS2. We also have a new programmer named Ronan, who is implementing bullet ricochet as 'first official task' for the team. (Seriously, I'm looking forward to firing off those Sci-Fi Handguns and wincing from those laser bolts flying nearby.)
That should be all for now, but Alfred should hopefully have a character to show soon. Expect great things.

TS Rewind Update (2015-07-06) - Castle Showcase

Canada Day and America's Independence Day have come and gone; hopefully everyone who celebrated remained safe and their limbs intact. I myself spent some time with friends and some family over the weekend, watching our city's fireworks display.

Damian is back with an update on Castle, going through a considerable amount of the map in this video:

Momotaro has also been spending time on Aztec; his terrain and foilage work is turning out very well, and I hope to share some of his progress soon. In addition, Streets is turning out even better with snow being 'placed' around the map. There are also minor improvements to the environment which include electric signs and windows. I can't wait to share my progress soon!