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TS Rewind Update (2015-09-25) - Two Concepts Appear!

Good afternoon or evening to the community. We have been creating assets left and right to get this project out to the incredibly patient eyes of the TimeSplitters community, all the while members continue to balance school, work, and Life, (the Universe, and Everything.) Without further ado, we have more information to share with you today.

Hotel Entrance

Bunker Central Tunnel

Momotaro has some excellent concept art he would like to share today over two maps he and I are collaborating on - Bunker and Hotel. Both are actually in playtesting state (Bunker has been in such state for quite a few months, come to think about it,) but they certainly need time for the both of us (plus a couple potential new members) to to create all those fancy props, not to mention what I have in mind for Bunker. Just think about the over-saturation of survival horror games... I think the satire of it in gaming is a little too low considering how many zombie killing games are around and all. We hope to share actual screenshots of these maps down the road.

As for Streets, I have made a little more progress on it. I still have a way to go on a handful of environment art and another handful of texture sets, but I'm noticing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so I almost feel relieved after all the late nights I've put into it! The map means so much to me, but it's time for me to wrap things up on it and focus on the other maps on my lineup.

Enough about me. Now, if you would kindly visit Momotaro's ArtStation page, you will see his work probably in higher detail than what you will see on our Facebook album.

Last but not least, Damian was recently on an internet radio show of sorts, and was quizzed on his knowledge of the TimeSplitters series. If you would care to give eight minutes of your free time to listen in, check out the video:
Damianaid on The Cyber Den's Cyber Quiz

That should do it for the week, now I'll go back and get Streets closer and closer to the 'finish line,' not to mention everyone else that has their own tasks are eager to complete them.

TS Rewind Update (2015-09-06) - Damian's Dialogue

Here's an update to brighten up certain community member's Labor Day weekend - Damian has released another video on some of what is going on behind the scenes, mainly talking about progress on the levels.

I also wanted to leave just a bit of information resulting from our previous update - I am working on Planet X, one of the maps found from the first game. I have essentially 'built the foundation' for the level, and will be returning to working on Streets to finish that off. I have a few more assets to crank out for it and a few fixes to make, but things are starting to come together really well and I hope to share how the entire level looks soon. Hopefully, I may be able to share how it plays not too long after that!

I believe Damian covered everything else for the week, we'll probably chat again next weekend.

TS Rewind Update (2015-08-24) - A Level Teaser Appears

We have been quiet over the past couple weeks. Our bad. Some of us have taken vacation (I myself plan to travel to Seattle to attend PAX Prime this weekend, and sorry, but we are not previewing the game yet, but I hope we can exhibit the game in an event when possible.) Others have been quietly putting time into other assets needed to bolster content on the project. For instance, I have been putting a lot of time into Streets over the past couple months, but about three weeks ago, I formulated a solid strategy on recreating one level in particular. Today, I will show you some of the work; however, this is perhaps the only time anyone out there will be able to view this work, as these are collision bounds that will not be seen from in-game.

Level teaser

Now you may ask that this looks very blocky, and you would be correct. However, I decided to "work from the foundation" and create these bounds as close to the original geometry as possible. And so I have finished all bounds on the unique geometry, and are now planning the next course of action - beautifying the unique geometry. This will involve serious modification to said geometry, and also create new geometry and bounds to reflect something in nature to this map, the successor to it as a campaign level in the next game, and other pieces of work I or the original designer for the map has been inspired by. Well, I may have given away which map this is just from that last sentence, but I would like to see if anyone could shout it out in the comments.

I was informed by Damian that he will be releasing a video soon on the progress he has made on his levels, so I will be posting those when they are ready.

Also, we have had quite a few people apply to the team recently. Thank you, and we hope to find even more people to get this game out the door sooner!

As a final word: 18 years ago, GoldenEye 64 was released to the masses and had kicked off the idea for a certain five individuals from Rare start their own game studio. From this came Free Radical Design, the guys mainly known for the TimeSplitters series. Back to Rare, though - congratulations on creating such a well-known and respected game, for telling the world that there is a console market for the shooter genre!