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TS Rewind Update (2016-01-09) - Warzone First Look

So 2015 has come and gone. The past month certainly flew by as the team juggled assignments and life (particularly with the holidays and increased family time all around.) With that said, let us share a couple things for the weekend.
First off, Sean (or Damianaid) unveils his remake to Warzone for the first time. He has mentioned that he wants to create a few more things for the level while he revisits Compound and Castle, creating more environment props all around.
Next up is character art. Not much has been shown lately, but Alfred wants to resolve that. He came up with an idea to get the community involved - a quick poll. Check out the following link and cast a vote on a character 'species' you would like to see us show next:
Lastly, we have brought on a new coder to the team named Joshua. I for one am looking forward to his contributions to the team, especially after a lengthy discussion about the direction the team is heading with the project.
With that, we bid you adieu for the time being. I plan on posting more frequent updates from here on out. Also, be prepared for livestreams from team members, including broadcasts from our newest coder at some point in time; we will either post specific times a day ahead of their occurrence(s) or post a weekly schedule if schedule(s) permit that.

TS Rewind Update (2015-12-04) - Streets Fly-Through!

We have excellent news to share with everyone today. That is quite a relief considering how somehow it has been a month since our last update; time flies too fast, events happen. For some, it was failed hard drives, for others like myself, it was multiple day power outages. But we're back and still going at it, and that's what matters - we persevere and push towards our goal of releasing a TimeSplitters game to the community and everyone else possibly interested in the series.

At any rate, time for the good news. First off, our coders have made their milestone on an engine upgrade. It was something I was tremendously excited to hear, considering that now we can begin work on our next target - the gameplay trailer. And speaking of trailers...

Here is a video I would like to share of Streets. I think it's in good shape to show the entirety of the map now. The video capture wasn't great, and I'd attribute that to my three year old CPU, my GPU to a certain degree as well, but if you guys would pardon the grain and framerate drop, I can assure you that this is in-engine, no tricks up our sleeves. For those wondering about system requirements, we still need to implement optimization and hardware tests before we can actually state those. As for the level and its assets, I'll probably need to do some more tweaks with the lighting, shaders, and post processing effects, and there may be a couple more props to add/move/remove after some game testing, but I'll make decisions on that when we get there. Now, if you would like to read a "developer diary on how I came up with the redesign of the level, and you have a considerable amount of time to read through it, check out a post I made on our forum:

Sean (or Damianaid) has been working hard on Warzone. He has been hosting livestreams on Twitch as he creates more assets for it, and he'll be showing off the level in its entirety when he's ready to. Speaking of livestreaming, I've been considering doing the same thing while creating environment art for Bunker and potentially other maps as well. How would a weekly 'show' sound? Voice what you would like to see from it!

TS Rewind Update (2015-11-01) - Blowing Minds Away!

Pardon our long absence, we have been working diligently all across the board and deliver quality work by the time we are ready to share the game to the starving TimeSplitters community, not to mention the many who have been unfortunate to not have the ability to play.

Anyway, today we are going to share a few updates considering how long it has been since our last post. First off, Joseph Helline, one of our weapons designers, was given a huge workload from his company earlier this year, so his availability on our team had been limited up until last month. With that, he wanted to show you progress on the Tactical 12-Gauge, based from the powerful shotgun from TimeSplitters 2.

Tactical 12-Gauge

Next up is Streets. I'm getting closer and closer to its completion, so I thought I would share the Blue team's base. Now, there are a couple more things to do that will affect this side of the map: I need to do a little more work to add snow to the crevices on the brick siding, not to mention applying flyers in the form of decals on the light posts and certain walls, not to mention the road paint as decals as well. Over all, I'm pretty happy with how this section of the map is turning out, but I still have a few more things to do. Feels funny to think that the last prop I'm working on is the plane that will circle overhead, and I'm working on that now.

Streets blue team base

Finally, Damian wanted to share a little bit of progress with Warzone. He is currently focusing on prop creation before tackling the 'stitching together' everything for the map, but here is a pretty neat piece of tank concept he came up with (pictured on the left is the original tank from Warzone in TS1.)

Warzone tank concept art

So there you have it, I'm pretty excited to be nearing close to the end of Streets and am planning to give more attention on the other maps I have my hands on, coders are also making progress on the weapons system and other facets of the game, and character art is still progressing tremendously. I really hope to show some of that soon! Unfortunately, we didn't have anything spooky to show yesterday, but I think we might have something to make up for that a bit down the road...