Happy December everyone!


It’s been an eventful year for everyone at TimeSplitters: Rewind and its been invaluable to have the continued support of all the fans that want to see the game as much as we do. The part-time nature of the project has meant that the life events of individual members can have a substantial impact on development, we thank you all for having the patience while we work through these things.


Since the project came into being in 2013 there have been a number of Project Leads, all with the challenging task of pushing this project to completion. Rewind however has not been in continuous development since 2013, with changes in direction sometimes putting development back. Since moving onto CRYENGINE 5.4 four months ago, the team has essentially rebuilt the core of the game from scratch. With the technical assistance (in an advisory capacity) of Crytek the team has made steady progress and currently has perhaps the most stable iteration of Rewind to date.


We’re going to be posting another Developer Update video before the end of the year that will explain exactly where we are in development and approximately when you can expect to play Rewind. The initial release of the game will contain a small selection of features to get the game out there, we’ll gradually add to these features as they are produced.


For now, check out this link showing some in-engine shots of Siberia (TS2 Story) where we hope to be included in CRYENGINE’s #IndieShowcase


**Please note Siberia is still being worked on so is a Work in Progress**





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