Recently development on Rewind has gone stagnant- we are completely unable to work with CryEngine with any momentum. What takes us a few minutes in another engine took us up to four days in CryEngine. With that said, we have been waiting for a new release from Crytek that changes a lot of the core systems of the engine and includes new documentation. The problem is this engine update was supposed to release over four months ago and the delays continue.




On the other hand, we have a working build in Unreal Engine 4 that the testers have played on and enjoyed. This version worked at a playable framerate on all hardware we tested (including integrated graphics). The problem comes that if we use this version, we cannot use the TimeSplitters IP and would likely have to re-brand.




This is something we have talked about internally and we have a clear idea the direction we would take with it. If this is to happen, we would likely do our own interpretation of what we think TimeSplitters 4 could have been.




We don’t want to make a hard choice just yet without consulting the community. We have very little faith in CryEngine although we don’t want to give up on TimeSplitters- after all, it is what has brought everyone here.




We invite you to discuss your views on our Discord server at in the #rewinddevelopment channel and a poll will be uploaded at the end of the week.



# RE: TS Rewind Update (2017-07-09) - Your DecisionEd Wetodd 2017-07-11 05:16
So wait, if you switch to unreal, does that mean you can't bring any of those assets to the project? It'll be a fresh start?
# RE: TS Rewind Update (2017-07-09) - Your DecisionEd Wetodd 2017-07-11 07:22
If you guys do switch to Unreal and have to rebrand, can you release what's left of Rewind?