It's time to... remove the cobwebs from this page. Now while the team has been away from social media for quite a few months, we have continued to chip away at the large list of assets we want to recreate.

Today, we are sharing our first music track from our Audio Lead, Jose Pavli. As the team has been unable to come to agreements with Crytek so far on the use of the original tracks, Jose has the experience and skills to create new music that will compliment the series and the team's efforts very well.


On the level side of things, we have been focusing solely on the Future Perfect level Hotel for the past five weeks. Ibanez has been focusing on the structure of the level, and his finishing touches with that are in putting holes into the walls and ceilings. Sean and newest environment artist Faheem have also made significant contributions to the level on the staircases and props. We have even had a contribution from our newest weapons artist, Austin. The environment artists hope to share progress on the level soon.


The programmers also want to get word out about additional help they could use. Project and Programming Lead Josh wants to build an Engine team to help smooth out any issues the rest of the programmers may face. If you or a friend have experience with CryEngine and C++ and would be interested in establishing this, visit the following link:


# Great Work!Mark Chase 2017-04-20 10:08
This is really cool! It sounds like a fusion of TS1, 2, and 3! Too bad Crytek is being difficult with granting audio rights, though.

Here's to hoping that they will change their minds. If not, then keep up the great work, Jose!