Well the past few weeks have passed by us without an update, let us remedy that.

The level creation side of things has mainly been seeing polish work- Sean and I have been putting in plenty of work making Streets and Castle run even better in-engine, not to mention beautifying the particle effects, lighting, and other details. With that said, Runner and I have made a bit more progress on Bunker despite the limited hours to work on it, and Sean has put in a serious amount of work into Disco over the past week.

As for characters, character artist Alfred has been working with animator / programmer Alex on setting up a separate skeleton for the female characters, not to mention a third skeleton for robots.

What's next for us? Well, the coding team completed an engine update and are now focusing on the gameplay essentials like pickups and powerups; hopefully after levels, weapons, and other assets are polished, we'll be sharing some gameplay.


# PS4Joe 2016-08-24 06:57
You guys are doing great work bringing this classic game back to life. Is it still planned for a PS4 release or just PC for now?