This weekend, the team thought it would be kind to mention a progress report on our main priorities.
Bunker has been receiving quite a bit of work by fleshing out its geometry, adding props and the like. The texture work is far from complete, so we are only showing how it currently looks with lighting for the time being. Runner, one of our environment artists, has been putting in plenty of contributions to the list of objects we need to recreate for the map- his work can be seen in the picture with the numerous electrical panels and the metal stairwell. Expect to see many more props, overgrowth, and lighting adjustments down the road.
Alfred shared another character earlier this week. It looks grotesque and awesome, but I'll hold off on sharing said character until he feels it's the right time to share it in an awesome render for the public to see.
As for the coding team, they are drawing near completion of the weapons and AI systems. It's been a long haul, and there's still a ways to go still, but they're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it's a light they actually want to approach.) The coders are also preparing for an engine update, and from what Josh had mentioned, it should make the lives of level and weapons designers considerably easier; the tough part being that the engine update is a bit complex to complete.
Last but not least... Sean or Damianaid has something to announce. He's officially taking over design of a certain map that has been all three games in the series. Sean is taking the reins from another member named Sean that had been working on Chinese; "other Sean" had gone on hiatus a considerable amount of time ago, so it's appropriate that steps need to be taken to finish the level, and so he will probably be polishing geometry akin to what he has been doing with Compound and Castle.


# RE: TS Rewind Update (2016-05-29) - Bunker Updates and MoreAlberto 2016-05-30 01:27
Fiiiiirst.....PS:you guys are awesome
# RE: TS Rewind Update (2016-05-29) - Bunker Updates and MoreRyan 2016-05-30 10:58
Cool, thanks for the update.
# RE: TS Rewind Update (2016-05-29) - Bunker Updates and MoreLuke Morris 2016-06-06 15:33
I just found out about this, really can't wait I loved TS2 back in the day