Another brief hiatus on announcements is closing. There have been a few illnesses and computer issues that have gone around the team, and yet none of them were passed through physical contact. Sadly we don't have anything polished to show today, but the team is getting back on track. If those in the community would be interested, I plan on hosting a livestream on tomorrow the 27th at 4 PM Eastern as I continue work on Bunker. Check out and,8,2643743,2867714&h=5128581&date=2016-2-27&sln=16-21 for additional timezone information.
In addition, we have a new member on the team; Dylan is an environment artist and has begun work on certain assets in Bunker. I'll be doing my utmost to share his efforts as well as the rest of the team's progress when able to.


# RE: TS Rewind Update (2016-02-26) - *Cough*Raz 2016-03-06 01:22
Your services are greatly needed and appreciated. < 3
# RE: TS Rewind Update (2016-02-26) - *Cough*Matt 2016-03-14 12:26
I hope you guy's are all doing well! Best of wishes I followed the streams and I'm terribley soryh i missed it :( I hope you guys will begin streaming more often ! I hope the progress on ts rewind is still going well! I c still have hiigh hopes that you guys will revive a much neeeded series!