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I have to confess something: the poll we had posted for last week needs to be redone. You may proceed to boo and whatnot. I do not want to go into details (or cast blame,) but I have already found a workaround for our poll. If you would kindly visit this link and post your same response, I would appreciate it very much, and so would our character artists - Alfred in particular.
We do have some early poll numbers from the one I posted last week, so it was not completely wasted, and we may do something in addition to what results from the new poll.
As for what progress has been made over the week... I for one have been working on locker room assets on Bunker. As part of a way to make up for my mess-up with last week's poll, this Saturday the 23rd I shall spend as much time working on assets as humanly possible, and I hope to livestream that progress for as much of that time as I can show.