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Okay, here you guys go: Compound is pretty much done. I'm just about done with the metal crates, which will be replacing the ones you see around the outdoor portions of the map. I may share a screenshot of those at a later time. Maybe.

Other things to mention are rain, the helicopter, and hell, additional props. We'll be talking among our team on that. One thing that we're going to 'stick to our guns' with, and we'll probably get complaints about it anyway, but Damian and I are certainly wanting to make sure people can't exploit existing geometry for cover.


So what's our next step? Probably showing the community gameplay. There's a bit of a setback on one of our animator / programmer's desktop, so I can't give an ETA on that. When the time comes, though, I think the community will like what they see, especially in the player mechanics.

Now before I get some rest on this Easter weekend, I also want to give a special mention to Arathrum for his cover of NeoTokyo that Damian used on the video. Do check out his Youtube channel and SoundCloud account that contains other TimeSplitters soundtrack covers!

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This version of Compound is pretty close to Final. The map needs a few static mesh Swapouts and of course there's at least a few bugs, but other than that the map will not change. The rain (Might) return, well have to wait and see. Oh, and before anyone makes a fuss about me taking up space in one of the office corners, that was a gamebreaking spot players could use unfairly that needed to be balanced... so Mr. Global Elite 420 Noscopes wont be able to abuse such a spot and ruin the game for everyone.