The Website Update

     As you all may have noticed by now we have completely overhauled the website. Things are going to be a bit iffy until we work out some of the kinks but so far it seems that the response has been really good! We've been reading a lot of feedback (both good and bad) from fans on the website design and we plan on working with some of those ideas and incorporating them in soon. There were some members of the community who were experiencing issues with registering with the website and forums. That turned out to be a faulty e-mail configuration that has been taken care of and you should be seeing your registration e-mails coming in now! If you have yet to receive your registration e-mail just follow the steps of logging in to your account and have it resend you the activation e-mail - or use the 'forgot password' form to do the same thing.


The Compound Showcase Video

     On April 1st we released the Compound showcase video thanks to the hard work of Sean "ScruffyDasWolf" Spencer and the rest of the team. Compound is still a work-in-progress and a lot will be changing over the next couple of months when we start implementing some of the new engine features, working on environment details and tinkering with textures. Either way we were all excited to show the community something that we have been working on the past couple of months.

You can view by clicking here

We Are Hiring

    We have added some positions that we are looking to have filled as soon as possible! Please spread the word - tell all your friends and family interested in game development and the project that we would love to talk to them! We do have a strict criteria but please do not let that discourage you from applying for a position with us. What we are looking for is talent and pure passion. We know how difficult it is to get your foot in the door in this industry. We also know that you have bills to pay and how some of you want to be compensated for your hard work. While we are unable to offer a paid position as we are all volunteers working on this project what we can offer you is added experience, a working product to display on your portfolio and your first step into the industry. I actively pass on resumes, CVs and portfolios on to AAA and Indie studios with my own personal recommendation for those individuals who are looking in to getting paid for doing what they love to do.